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Facebook and Instagram have been capriciously shutting down cannabis business accounts, which severely handicaps the movement to end cannabis prohibition.

In opposition to these discriminatory policies, Rise Above placed an article in The Cannabist, including an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg.

In this letter we call on him to help us to normalize cannabis use, ultimately contributing to the end of the drug war. We offered three tangible steps that Facebook and Instagram can take to allow cannabis businesses to operate on these platforms.

Then we picked up great press on BuzzFeed –

“You could tell that they clicked a button and tagged my page with the word ‘cannabis,’ so everything was flagged as prohibited content,” Grimm said. “I get Facebook not wanting to allow ads from a dispensary promoting sales of their product. But there’s absolutely zero reason why just sharing information should be censored.”


This is simply the start of the #EndtheSocialCannaBan campaign. Because cannabis businesses risk account shutdowns every day. Since then Jane West has added her voice. Andrew De’Angelo of Harborside Health Center (which has been a victim of Instagram’s censorship three times) has raised his hand in support. Women Grow and Coral Reefer have shared in their highly active communities. Weekend Review Kit and The Kind have featured the campaign.

We’ve also had advocates express support privately who are still afraid to join the cause publicly. Law-abiding cannabis businesses and nonprofit organizations have been intimidated into silence during a free speech debate because the threat to their businesses and advocacy is real. But the message is still getting through.

Thousands of supporters across the globe have shared the the campaign using the very platforms we wish to change.

Please be aware that your participation in this campaign may cause Facebook and Instagram to scrutinize your compliance with their terms of use, especially if you choose to tag @Zuck on Instagram. We hope that you will agree that joining forces can we create a meaningful dialogue with Mark Zuckerberg. If your account is shut down while participating in this campaign let us know immediately. We will compile a list of targeted business to share with the media for a story about free speech being throttled in social networks.


Using the power of social media, we can make a difference together! Will you join us and share this with your friends and followers?

Below we’ve included a social media starter pack for you to use at any time. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook as we update the campaign weekly with new content and new graphics.


We are tired of seeing respectable cannabis businesses blocked on social media. Please join us in the call to

Check out these 3 steps that Facebook can take to accommodate cannabis businesses operating within their states’ laws.

Social media is an amazing tool for building our community, and we are tired of having our voices silenced by Facebook. It’s time to #EndtheSocialCannaBan

Cannabis accounts are shut down every day, and by doing so, Facebook is enforcing the status quo of the drug war. It is time to #EndtheSocialCannaBan


@Zuck says “Whether you want to hang out with a few friends or start a business or solve the world’s problems, the path forward is to connect people. That is how we make progress together.” So we are asking him to help us make progress on the drug war. #EndtheSocialCannaBan #MarkZuckerberg #cannabiscommunity #cannabisculture #endthedrugwar

Canna-businesses are in the unique position to bring credibility to the cause of ending the drug war. We are asking @Zuck to #EndtheSocialCannaBan to help us make full legalization a reality. #MarkZuckerberg #cannabiscommunity #cannabisculture #endthedrugwar

If business owners aren’t willing to take some risks, legalization will not occur nationwide. Facebook and Instagram can lead & evolve policies on cannabis, but will @Zuck let them? #EndtheSocialCannaBan #MarkZuckerberg #cannabiscommunity #cannabisculture #endthedrugwar

We put a lot of work into building our Instagram community, and we are tired of seeing our community silenced. @Zuck will you let our voices be heard? #EndtheSocialCannaBan #MarkZuckerberg #cannabiscommunity #cannabisculture #endthedrugwar


Zuckerberg: “The path forward is to connect people. That’s how we make progress.” #EndtheSocialCannaBan

Make the world a more open & connected place? Evolve social media policy on cannabis. #EndtheSocialCannaBan

3 ways Facebook & Instagram can lead the way & evolve their policies on cannabis-based accounts. #EndtheSocialCannaBan

Social media has the power to change the world. It’s time to use that power to help end the drug war. #EndtheSocialCannaBan

Cannabis business deserve equal access to social media. #EndtheSocialCannaBan

Canna-business to Facebook & Instagram: stop shutting us down for legal activities in states. #EndtheSocialCannaBan

Facebook, Instagram, cannabis, & how they can help fight racism & help stop the war on drugs today. #EndtheSocialCannaBan


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